Master Project

No Members PG student name   Project Title
1 Prof Lim Yang Mooi, Prof Cheong SK Tong Shi Ruo Identification of Key Metabolites in House-cultivated Edible Bird’s Nest Derived from 13 States of Malaysia
2 Prof Lim Yang Mooi & Ms Lan Yen Min Lai Mei Wei Metabolic Profiling and DNA Barcoding Analysis of Local Medicinal Plants
3 Prof Lim Yang Mooi & Ms Lan Yen Min Chia Woon Ling Malaysian Medicinal Plant Identification: Illustration and Metabolic Fingerprinting
4 Prof Lim Yang Mooi, Prof Cheong SK, Ms. Sheela Devi Sukuru Choong Mel June House-cultivated edible bird’s nest as an immunomodulatory agent on human immunity
5 Prof Ngeow Yun Fong & Dr. Thaw Zin Sharmilla Devi a/p Jayasingam Genotypic Evidence for Antibiotic Resistance in Mycobacterium abscessus
6 Prof Lim Yang Mooi & Dr Fong Lai Yen Ooi Kai Xin Evaluation of Maslinic Acid Treatment Efficacy in NOD
Scid Gamma (NSG) mice with Colorectal Cancer
Xenografts and Transcriptomic Profiling
7 Prof Lim Yang Mooi, Dr Ng Foong Leng, Dr. Foo Chai Nien Poo Chin Long A systematic approach to study the traditional Chinese medicine as an adjunct treatment in breast cancer patients
8 Dr Amy Saik Yi Hsan, Emeritus Prof. Dr Cheong Soon Keng; A/P Dr Leong Pooi Pooi Kim Kit Li Cytotoxicity of adriamycin and cytarabine on monocytic cells derived from leukemia-specific induced pluripotent stem cell
9 Dr. Foo Chai Nien, Prof Lim Yang Mooi, Dr Ng Foong Leng Yap Sin Yee Genetic and Proteomic Biomarkers for Body Constitution: as a Predictive Approach for Detecting Depression among UTAR Students in Sungai Long Campus