“Adult Malignancies and Telemedicine in the Pediatric Neurology”

17 September 2020

Center for Cancer Research, FMHS, UTAR  organised the first international webinar on 17th September 2020. This international webinar was well attended by staff, undergraduate and postgraduate students from FMHS MBBS, Nursing and Physiotherapy programmes, and Myanmar research institutes and Yangon Children’s hospital .

Professor Lim welcomed the participants from local and international research institutes and universities, particularly for the participants from Myanmar. She thanked all speakers and participants for taking time to join this webinar. She also expressed her utmost appreciation to the organising committees to successfully run this international webinar, especially to Associate Professor Yan Naing Soe to lead this endeavour as the organising chairperson. She also thanked Dr Yan Naing Soe and Dr Fann Rui Jeat to moderate the event well.

This Webinar highlights adult malignancies and clinical management guidelines and innovative implementation of telemedicine in paediatric neurology. Professor Kyaw Linn, the senior consultant paediatrician and consultant paediatric neurologist from Yangon Children’s Hospital Yangon, Myanmar reported his work on telemedicine  that help many children during this COVID-19 pandemic. He emphasised that telemedicine is one of the way to provide medical consultancy and care to the patients from less accessible areas. He also mentioned that telemedicine could be adopted as one of the teaching tools that can help more patients received medical care. Currently, he conduct many neurology outreach clinics to the cities from Bago, Mawlamyaing, Pathein and Magway.  Dr Le Bee Sun, the Head of Department from FMHS  provides up-to-date knowledge on acute leukaemia, which briefed the details on how she could obtain medical data from her patients and these data could provide more insights for research and development in the field of acute leukaemia. She hopes that all these data collected could help her to derive more ideas to better provide medical treatment and care leukaemic patients in the near future. Professor Alan Ong Han Kiat updated the knowledge of the role of cancer stem cell in breast cancer. His talk has laid down the essential findings on cancer stem cells. Thus, he emphasised that fundamental research on cancer stem cells also is very vital to furnish new knowledge on the characteristic of cancer stem cells, in which this new knowledge could be exploited to create more treatment options for cancer patients.

 Associate Professor Dr Yan concluded the webinar by saying, “This webinar reported the use of technology in patient management that this has gradually gained importance among the medical communities, and I hope that this webinar could spark more interest in telemedicine and encourage more research interest among the medical communities”.