Lecture Series

“Writing and Publishing Research Papers” and 

“Developing Research Projects and Writing Research Proposals”

17 February 2022 & 15 March 2022

FMHS Postgraduate Club, in collaboration with the Centre for Cancer Research (CCR), the Centre for Stem Cell Research (CSCR) and the Centre for Research on Non-Communicable Diseases (CRNCD), organised a two-part lecture series. Participants of both seminars had the privilege of learning from Senior Professor Dr. Choo Kong Bung. The first lecture by Prof. Choo, entitled “Writing and Publishing Research Papers,” was held on the 17 February 2022. This was followed by a second lecture, “Developing research projects and writing research proposals” on the 15 March 2022. The seminar was open to both UTAR students and staff members.

Prior to the first lecture, participants received personalised feedback from Prof. Choo for their unedited manuscripts to aid in their learning. During the first lecture, Prof. Choo shared with the participants key steps to transform experimental data into a research paper and relay the information scientifically for publication. Simple and useful principles were also introduced during the lecture, such as the SPICC and light-hearted ‘mini-skirt’ rule.

 Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences' (FMHS) Head of Postgraduate Programme, Dr. Fong Lai Yen, delivered the opening remarks for the second lecture. Prof. Choo’s started off the second lecture with his personal experience in developing research projects and securing both local and international research grants. Prof. Choo also shared some of the important requirements in the preparation of a good research proposal. A token of appreciation was presented to Prof. Choo for his contribution in both seminars.


Group photo during the first lecture, “Writing and Publishing Research Papers”

Professor Choo delivering his talk

Group photo during the second lecture, “Developing research projects and writing research proposals”

Health Promotion Activity

Cancer Awareness Drive

6 December 2022

The Centre for Cancer Research (CCR) and Majlis Kanser Nasional (MAKNA) jointly organised the Cancer Awareness Drive 2022 at the Sungai Long Campus on 6 December. This activity was conducted to provide education and awareness regarding cancer to the staff and students of UTAR and the members of the public from Bandar Sungai Long and Bandar Mahkota Cheras. The MAKNA Cancer Awareness team was on site to conduct the drive. The team showcased cancer related exhibitions, education service and breast self-examination to attendees at the drive. Through this event, we hope to be able to encourage positive health behaviour changes among high-risk individuals hence reducing their possibility of developing cancer.

 Utilising Virtual Reality (VR) technology to educate the public and raise cancer awareness

Attendees learning about different types of cancers in the body.

Group photo of Organising Committee members and the MAKNA Cancer Awareness Team